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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Day 18 - FR

As embarrassing as it was, I managed to walk around and get lost in Musée du Louvre and exit without seeing the Mona Lisa. Possibly the first tourist to ever do this. Didn't bother me though, by all reports it's the size of a postage stamp, surrounded by a crowed and can leave you underwhelmed after queuing up for it.

Fi was keen on checking out Monet's garden so she headed off on her own adventure. Mim did a Mim (was happy to keep herself entertained) and Sarah and I were off to the Eiffel Tower. We had a bit of a look around the general area although we didn't go up it.

No points for guessing what this is...
yup, a stinking pidgeon!

Ah... the things you do to 'get the shot'.
And yes, that's another stinking pidgeon in the forground

Mim found us and we checked out La Sainte-Chapelle which was pretty ordinary and then the Royal Palace. Fiona rejoined us and after dinner we headed back to the hostel.

Whilst it wasn't my taste in interiors, La Sainte-Chapelle
was one of the most ornate places around

If were naked, I wouldn't be smiling...
especially with a stinking pidgeon on my head!

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  1. I'll now have to find my diary and go back and see what I was doing that day - doing a 'Mim' was I