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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Day 3 - ENG

We rose and ate breaky and headed the bus stop. It's a really classy suburb. We found a bike frame chained to a post. There was nothing left on it... wheels, ancillaries and stuff... all gone!

Now, I'm a train kinda guy and my only bus experiences were school excursions and tours so this was quite new to me. An hour later and we were walking around the streets around Piccadilly Circus. One thing I'll never forget is walking into Trafalgur Square for the first time and hearing a lot of chearing. At first I thought the Brits were happy to see me but then realised the England cricket team were there on open top red busses celebrating their Ashes win. We quickly made ourselves scarce!

Hunger had set in and a cheap Tesco (think Woolies) lunch was in order and then we jumped on a Red Bus Tour with Gwennie. It was good fun and checked out Oxford Street a little before meeting Mim for dinner in an Indian joint back out near our awesome neighbourhood.

Should have warned Gwennie about the vagrants around the place

I'm sure to some girls this is a bargain
and to others it's overpriced!

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