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Saturday, October 8, 2005

Day 28 - IT

Another crap breaky today. Guys and girls are split in this hostel but turns out it didn't stop one couple who kept Sarah up till all hours. Doing drugs too so she didn't get much sleep. There's a school group here so the place is pretty noisy in general so it was good to leave.

Francesco met up with us as he has offered to guide us around while we're here. He decided we could head to the island of Murano where we checked out some glass blowing and the shops. Heard from Gwennie that she was here so we went to meet here. We managed to find her which was lucky because her phone ran out of juice.

While Gwennie went and sorted out accommodation, we decided to get off the tourist trail so had a look around Burano. A few hours later we met with Gwennie for dinner on Torcello and she shouted dessert.

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