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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Day 31 - IT

Breaky was alright here but we packed the car and left. The plan was to walk around Assisi and then head for Amelia after lunch. Parking wasn't too hard and we then walked up to Old Assisi. The place is full of old city charm and gelato so I was loving it. The Basilica of San Francesco d'Assisi can be found here and is an awesome example of basilica, architecture and art.

After lunch and some more gelato (I had decided that my challenge was to have gelato everyday), we made for the car and headed off. Long drive and we drove through Perugia which looked like a nice city to check out but we weren't far from Amelia so we kept on.

Amelia is a walled city and the place we were staying in was in the middle of it. Before leaving I felt that selecting a Citroen C5 Wagon was a smart car for four people plus backpacks. When we entered the city, our cruiser on the autostrada suddenly became a tanker in the tight streets which were one way. Where we had to drive was soo tight we had to slowly work our way around while looking for where we were staying. At some point I even had to make a three point turn to get around a corner. We ended up parking and getting out on foot. Once we'd located it, we moved the car and checked in.

For dinner we went out to have a look around and finally found a place where we ate. Sarah pointed out that some guy kept checking me out which was funny (unless it was the same guys from Luzern!) but I'm starting to develop a bit of a complex!

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